Agriculture Lawyers

L+G’s Agribusiness Team advises clients in the vital business of protecting our food sources and the companies that cultivate them. Managing partner Jeff Gilles has been a leading agriculture, business and land use lawyer in the area since 1985. The addition of Kendra Clark with her background in agriculture, business and litigation add to the strength our firm has to cover your agricultural business needs.

Agricultural law, or as it is also known, “Ag Law,” can include the physical components or infrastructures of agriculture, such as:

  • Seed
  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Pesticide
  • Land use
  • Environmental issues
  • Food production
  • Workforce
  • Land tenure
  • Tenancy systems
  • Farming rights

L+G’s agricultural lawyers specialize in agribusiness, the business of agriculture, which can cover areas including:

  • Agricultural finance
  • Agricultural labor
  • Agricultural marketing
  • Agricultural management
  • Agricultural sales
  • Agricultural insurance

Agriculture dominates the economy of Monterey, San Benito and San Luis Obispo Counties. With our offices in Salinas, Hollister, Monterey, King City, and San Luis Obispo; L+G has deep roots in agriculture law and its dynamics.

The Central Coast is often referred to as “America’s Salad Bowl” due to providing the majority of America’s fruits and vegetables. America’s Salad Bowl is often at the forefront of today’s agricultural disputes with issues that can include food safety, water, land use and labor. Our firm is often the choice for assistance and resolution due to our seasoned agricultural attorneys.

L+G’s Agribusiness and Food Safety Specialty Practice Team advises our clients on the business and management of agricultural operations; protecting our food sources, as well as, the companies that cultivate them. L+G’s agricultural lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of issues related to food-borne illness claims and agricultural product liability matters. Our trial lawyers represent businesses in cases involving a broad range of concerns. In recent years, our agricultural attorneys took part in some of the nation’s most high-profile produce liability litigation related to Salmonella, Hepatitis A, and E.Coli.

Our agricultural attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the many Federal, State and local laws governing agriculture. L+G works with our clients to ensure compliance in areas such as labor, safety and health, licensing and taxes, and especially with pressing limitations such as
on-farm water conservation and water use efficiency. Our goal is to help you protect your agriculture business and avoid any penalties.

As technology continues to evolve, new processes and advances, are emerging making agriculture law more and more necessary. L+G is committed to staying up to date with this changing dynamic. We are constantly looking to the future, anticipating what will affect our clients and how to position them for success.