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Any attorney with any level of experience can handle a “whip-lash” case to some degree. While experience is important in even relatively slight injury cases so that a maximum recovery can be obtained, cases involving catastrophic injuries such as paralysis, loss of sight, loss of limb or loss of the use of a bodily organ, limb or function require you to retain the very best catastrophic injury attorneys with specific experience in representing persons with these life-changing injuries. Especially cases involving catastrophic injuries to the brain, including concussion, loss of intellectual functioning or the loss of the ability to speak or think. Our catastrophic injury lawyers have this level of expertise and experience and will use their experience in obtaining for you the level of compensation you need to provide future medical and life needs for you and to compensate you for what you have lost and endured in the past.

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Our attorneys obtained a jury verdict of $12.6 million for a client paralyzed in a single car accident in 2014. In yet another case, a client fell onto a cement patio suffering a severe brain injury. When the investigation proved the homeowner was negligent in the protection and maintenance of their property, suit was filed against the homeowner for the recovery of damages resulting from over one million dollars in medical treatment.

When significant life changing injuries occur through the negligence of another, it is important that you retain a qualified, experienced attorney immediately to preserve evidence (such as any involved vehicles), interview witnesses, retain experts and obtain photographs, so that if a trial is ever needed, your case can and will be presented in the best light and the burden of proving the cause of your injury was that of another.

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