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Each of us use products of all kinds, every day without thought that we could suffer injury due to their defective manufacture, design or maintenance. When you are injured by a product and are not sure if there is responsibility lying with the manufacturer, retailer, supplier or the persons responsible for its maintenance or repair, our product liability attorneys will perform an investigation of the circumstances and the product itself to make that determination.

Often it may appear that a person was negligent for your injury, or perhaps even yourself bore some responsibility, but in fact had the product been properly designed, manufactured, installed or properly maintained, or had the injured person been properly warned of the risks, the injury would not have occurred or been as severe. In such a case liability may be imposed for the product’s effect and cause of your injury.

A good example can be seen in a case recently tried in Monterey County by our product liability lawyers. In 2014, our attorneys tried a case that appeared at the outset to be a drunk driving case with the client’s catastrophic injuries being due to the driver’s intoxication and the injured client’s own poor judgement. While the driver of the car was admittedly intoxicated and the passenger entered the vehicle knowing this fact, it was proven in trial that had the car’s manufacturer installed a shoulder harness as opposed to a lap belt, the injury would have been averted. While it was the drunk driver who caused the accident, it was the car’s manufacturer who caused the injury due to its designing the vehicle without a shoulder harness, knowing the risks such a design presented. No warning of these risks was provided to operators or passengers in the car. The jury awarded our client $12.6 million in damages.

Experienced Product Liability Lawyers

Whether a defect in the construction of building, in medical devices, toys, child safety devices or automobile safety devices, it is important to retain the right product liability lawyers experienced in determining if there is possible liability arising from the defective design, manufacture, or maintenance of a product, that may not be readily apparent at first glance.

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